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What is Fact Checking?

Fact checking is the process of verifying the truthfulness and accuracy of claims made in a non-fiction text.  The fact checking can occur before and/or after the publication of the written work.  Although fact checking is often associated with the field of journalism, fact checking can also be employed to verify statements made by public figures or claims made on social media.  Fact checking may involve any or all of the following steps:

  1. Reading the content.  Ask the following questions: Who is the author?  Are reputable sources cited? Are original documents linked or cited? 
  2. Opening additional tabs in your web browser to verify author identity and area of expertise, locate the primary sources cited in the article or post, and confirm the information from other experts.
  3. Consult a fact checking web site.  

Why is Fact Checking Important?

Fact Checking helps us:

  • ensure the veracity and accuracy of published information and materials posted online on websites or social media platforms.
  • avoid sharing unreliable or false information.
  • become more responsible citizens

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