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Anyone Can Use Instagram...

What is Instagram?

Link to Instagram Website

Instagram is a popular social networking app with a focus on sharing photos and videos. It's been around since 2010 and has maintained a high level of popularity by adding innovative new features, such as Instagram Stories, shopping, Instagram Reels, and more. Continue reading from Lifewire


Why Should You Use Instagram?

 The app is a great chance to engage with top brands and stay a part of friends' lives. When I want to see how my college friends are doing, I don't check Facebook, I check Instagram. Plus, you can follow your favorite celebrities or political figures to see candid photos of their everyday lives.

Additionally, it's a phenomenal platform for investigating what other brands are doing — for instance, Nike uses the Instagram Stories' feature to promote inspirational athlete stories you won't find anywhere else.  Continue reading from Hubspot

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Video Tutorials

Get Fancy: Special Effects on Instagram

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