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Anyone Can Use Snapchat

What is Snapchat?

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Snapchat is a social app for a smartphone that allows you to send photos or short videos to your friends. After you send your picture, video or message it is only available to the receiver for a short time before it becomes inaccessible. Continue reading from Techtarget

Why should you use Snapchat?

Snapchat was initially focused on private, person-to-person photo sharing, but you can now use it for a range of asks, including sending videos, live video chatting, messaging, creating caricature-like Bitmoji avatars, and sharing a chronological “story” that’s broadcasted to all your followers. There’s even a designated “Discovery” area that showcases short-form content from major publishers like Buzzfeed. Snapchat even lets you store media in a private area.  Continue reading from Pocket-lint

Read Books to Learn more about Snapchat

Link to Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk in the catalog
Link to Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen in the catalog
Link to One Million Followers by Brendan Michael Kane in the catalog
Link to Social Media Survival Guide by Melody Karle in the catalog

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