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Anyone Can Use PowerPoint...

What is PowerPoint?

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Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation software developed by Microsoft. The program uses slides to convey information rich in multimedia and is used to create complex business presentations, simple educational outlines and much more.  Continue reading from Techopedia

Why Should You Use PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a powerful presentation tool that can engage your audience. With PowerPoint  you can:

  • Use images, audio and video to have a greater visual impact.
  • Work with others collaboratively.
  • Customize your slides to fit your needs.
  • Stay organized while presenting.
  • And so much more!

Continue reading from Microsoft Support

Read Books About PowerPoint

Link to Microsoft PowerPoint for Dummies by Doug Lowe in the Catalog
Link to Microsoft 365 for Dummies by Jennifer Reed in the Catalog

Video Tutorials

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