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Towards a More Perfect Union: Confronting Racism

Towards a More Perfect Union: Confronting Racism

Each year WestportREADS focuses on an issue that is important to the community with a goal of bringing community members together in dialogue on that topic. The past year has revealed fault lines in the public's trust in our constitutional democracy and demonstrated the need to engage our citizenry in conversations that forge a new common purpose to deliver upon its promises. Citizenship is a collective responsibility that reminds us of our bonds to one another.

Along with our partners Team Westport, the Westport Public Schools, Westport Museum for History and Culture, Westport Country Playhouse, and Westport-Weston Interfaith Council, the Westport Library invites the community to participate in WestportREADS 2021, a series of events that challenge us to confront the pernicious reach of racism that pervades the policies under which we all live, as well as the ideas and actions we take individually, resulting in the denial of civic justice, dignity, and opportunity for many Americans. Together, we can begin to imagine and construct a more equitable future for all. Continue reading from The Westport Library


Explore the Alphabetical List Below to Educate Yourself on This Year's Theme
Link to African American History resource guide series
Link to Civil Rights Movement resource guide
Link to the CROWN Act resource guide
Link to Intersectional Feminism resource guide
Link to Mass Incarceration resource guide
Link to Origins of Black History Month resource guide
Link to Own Voices resource guide
Link to Racial Disparities in Health Care resource guide
Link to Reading and Learning about Anti-Racism resource guide
Link to Stop Racial Injustice resource guide
Link to the Thirteenth Amendment Loophole: Prison Labor resource guide
Link to Unconscious Bias in the Workforce resource guide
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WestportREADS is funded by the estate of Jerry A. Tishman