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What is Sustainability?
The Environmental Protection Agency states, sustainability means “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs," (EPA and 1987 Bruntland Commission Report, Our Common Future).

EPA MyEnvironment Search

Use the EPA MyEnvironment search to find local air and water quality information, cancer risks, superfund maps, and more. 

The Happy Planet Index

 A "global measure of sustainable well-being" data on 151 countries with an index to rank countries on the happy and sustainable lives for people who live in them. Find out more. 

5 Ways to Reduce Your Household's Energy Use


What is a Sustainable Community?

A sustainable community is one that is economically, environmentally, and socially healthy and resilient. It takes a long-term perspective – one that’s focused on both the present and future, well beyond the next budget or election cycle. Read More

Additional articles:

Sustainable Westport

The mission of the Sustainable Westport  is to advise the First Selectman and town commissions and departments on determining and setting environmental policy and decisions for the purpose of transforming Westport into a sustainable green community. Read more. 

Use the Local Harvest map to locate farmers markets, family farms, CSAs, farm stands, and u-pick produce in your neighborhood.

Apps to check out

Locavore - Pinpoint nearby farmers market & farms that sell the products you love and discover seasonal recipes

Smart Food Organic Diet Buddy- Essential guide to fruit and vegetables to know which one should buy organic and which are safe to buy non-organic.

Buycott - "...helps you to organize your everyday consumer spending so that it reflects your principles."

Love Food Hate Waste helps control food consumption through a cookbook that offers dishes that you can cook with the food you have in the refrigerator.

JouleBug -offers tips to make your day by day more sustainable through videos and consumption and savings statistics.

HowGood - offers a catalog with over 100,000 food products analyzed through indicators like ingredient supply, community impact, food processing, etc.

Seafood Watch - Up-to-date recommendations for ocean friendly seafood and sushi.


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