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What is Plagarism and How to Avoid It

Find What You're Looking For Using These Searching Tips

The Difference Between Primary and Secondary Sources

How to Research a Topic

With so much information potentially available at your fingertips, having a research assignment can be daunting. However, if you approach your research methodically, you'll be able to answer any research question in a thoughtful and comprehensive way. Develop a research question that is narrow enough to be addressed within the scope of your paper, then use keywords to find sources that have the information you need. Once you've found several sources, you'll be ready to organize your information into a logical report that adequately answers your question. Continue reading from WikiHow

Online Research Resources and Tools

Books for Avoiding Plagiarism

Link to MLA Handbook by the Modern Language Association of America in the catalog.
Link to the Chicago Manual of Style by the University of Chicago Press in the catalog.
Link to Who said what?: a writer's guide to finding, evaluating, quoting, and documenting sources (and avoiding plagiarism) by Kayla Meyers in the catalog.
Link to APA Style and Citations for Dummies by Joe Giampalmi in the catalog
Link to A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations : Chicago style for students and researchers by Kate Turabian in the catalog.