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Seed Library: Borrowing Seeds


The Seed Library is open on the Riverwalk Level!


About the Seed Library...

From avid gardeners to novices, "Westport Grows... Seed Library & Exchange" offers support for growing and saving seeds. Check out seeds for free!

Why is it helpful to save seeds?

  • Create new varieties adapted to local growing conditions and your tastes.
  • Save money by saving seeds instead of buying commercial seeds every year.
  • Preserve the genetic diversity of heirloom food plants.
  • Help retain plants' natural pest resistance.

Borrowing is Easy!

  • Choose the seeds you want to grow!
  • Open the seed packet over the tray, and take about 2-3 seeds for every plant you intend to grow.
  • Use one of our envelopes for your seed, label it, and tape it shut.
  • Seal the original seed packet, and place it back in its drawer.
  • Go home, start growing, and spread the word!

Returning seeds at the end of the season is appreciated but not required.

Organic Growing Practices...

All of our original seed stock is 100% certified organic.  While we open borrowing up to all growers, we ask that those returning seeds only return seeds from plants organically grown.  

The definition of organic that we are using is: producing seeds from plants grown without the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and growth regulators.