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Westport Library Teen Photography Contest: 2020 Winners

Submissions and submission information for The Westport Library's annual Teen Photography Contest.

Best in Show

Camille Vynerib, Untitled

10th grade, Westport

Best Portrait

Chloe Donefer, Untitled

12th grade, Fairfield

Most Artistic

Megan Pollard, Untitled

9th grade, Norwalk


Most Humorous

Sergio Merchan, Untitled

10th grade, Southport


Most Interesting

Camille Vynerib, Untitled

10th grade, Westport

Best Non-Traditional Portrait

Olivia Shah, Untitled

11th grade, Fairfield


Best Nature 

Tyler DiMaio, Untitled

9th grade, Westport


Best Cityscape

Nick Ramsay, Untitled

10th grade, Westport


Best Composition

Carley McGarry, Untitled

9th grade, Westport


Best Abstract

Caitlyn Filloramo, Untitled

12th grade, Southport