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Optimizing Your Retirement Benefits & Savings

AARP - AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps to enhance quality of life for people 50 years and older.

Benefits Planner A guide to retirement, disability, and survivor benefits from the Social Security Administration.

How to Apply for Retirement Benefits - Instructions for the online, in person, or telephone application for Social Security retirement benefits.

Kiplinger's Retirement - Kiplinger’s personal finance resources for those in the retirement transition.

Managing Retirement Income - A FINRA website dedicated to managing retirement income sources, tax issues, selecting payout methods, working in retirement, and managing health care costs.

Savings for Retirement IRS guidance on saving for retirement.

When to Start Your Benefits - A set of questions from the Social Security Administration to help determine the right age for accessing your retirement benefits.

Leisure in Retirement

According to a study launched by Merrill Lynch & Age Wave, as nearly 10,000 boomers retire each day, retirement leisure is being transformed by three powerful forces:

The Age Wave: Life expectancy is at an all-time high and the ranks of the retired are growing dramatically.
Time Affluence: As boomers retire from a workaholic culture, they will swell the ranks of Americans in this “time affluent” stage of life.
New Beginnings: Rather than viewing retirement as the finish line, nine out of ten (88%) retirees now describe it as an opportunity for new beginnings, and often an entirely new state of mind. Continue reading. 

10 Retirement Lifestyles Worth Trying

Outside the Box Retirement Lifestyles

Choosing Where to Live in Retirement

Experts recommend seeking areas with:

  • populations greater than 10,000.
  • natural endowments such as recreational land, visible history.
  • a vibrant economy where people can find work.
  • a low crime rate
  • relatively close to retail shopping. 
  • a full service medical facility within reasonable driving distance

Choosing the Best Place to Live in Retirement

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