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Potty Training: Home


Some websites to get you started

  • Potty Training How To (Mayo Clinic): Potty training is a major milestone. Get the facts on timing, technique and handling accidents.
  • Potty Training Resources (Seattle Children's Hospital): Peruse through frequently asked questions about potty training,including loads of tips for success.
  • 30 Potty Training Tips (Parents): Check out this slideshow of the 30 best ever tips on potty training.
  • How to Potty Train your child (VeryWell Family): Very specific day by day instructions on how to potty train your child in just 3 days.
  • 10 best poop songs (Fatherly): Enjoy Fatherly's top 10 list. You will not be able to get these catchy tunes out of your head. 

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