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Opioid Addiction: Internet Resources

2016 PBS Documentary: Chasing Heroin

Link to full 1 hour and 54 minute documentary (Log in to local PBS station for viewing)

2016 Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict Documentary

Read Recent Articles and Studies

(March 31, 2016 Study published in the New England Journal of Medicine)
(March 18, 2016 Recommendations and Report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention)
(February 19, 2016 article in Westport Now)
(November 18, 2015 Report by the National Institutes of Health)

Trends in Prescription Drug Abuse
(2014 Statistics compiled by the NIH: National Institute on Drug Abuse)

( 2014 Report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
(2014 Report by Consumer Reports)