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Are you looking for a model ship to build but don’t know where to start? Model ship building has a huge following around the world. Model ship kits come in levels of difficulty for a beginner who is just getting started, to those for an expert builder. They come in sizes from small scale that don’t have a lot of pieces, to kits that may have over a thousand pieces and can take months to build. There are kits for every level of model builder.

Every type of boat and ship that has ever sailed has been made into a model kit. All of these model kits are not created equal. Some may be more historically accurate than others, while others may have better scale accuracy.

The level of detail may vary widely from one model to the next. Many kits may not get the small details right so they are not included in the kits. This can be disappointing if you thought you had purchased a kit with more of the finer points. Continue reading from Model Kit Pro

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