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Martial Arts

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Martial arts usually have the dual purpose of physical fitness and self-defense. Some martial arts emphasize one purpose over the other, however, the very name of “martial” arts implies defense or combat.


Almost anyone can learn and practice martial arts, from fitness beginners to those already fit. It has become equally popular among males and females and all age groups in Europe and North America. Most gyms, fitness centers, and community recreation facilities offer at least one martial arts class or program. There are several hundred styles and variations and each offers a unique regimen from gentle movements to violent kicks and hand chops. Most have mental or consciousness aspects attached, including meditation and a feeling of general wellbeing. These usually are not emphasized as much in North America as in Asia. The most violent martial arts, designed specifically for combat, are taught in many of the world's militaries.


Martial arts have traditionally represented a large number of offensive and defensive fighting techniques derived from Asia. Historically, the techniques were developed in India and then taken to China by Bodhidharma, the legendary founder of the famous Shaolin School. During the Sui and T'ang Dynasties these skills were spread to Korea, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brazil. Throughout most of these early years the martial arts were secretly developed and transferred by word of mouth due, in large part, to repressive feudalism. Since World War II, members of various militaries carried the arts worldwide. Information technologies, such as the Internet and social media, have exposed a much broader world audience to the martial arts. Continue reading at JRank

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