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Maker Activities: Home

Maker Activities for children through grade 8 to help explore the world

"Creativity is intelligence having fun!" - Albert Einstein

Check out the following websites and activities where everyday items become potential building materials or experiment ingredients. Use these activities as a springboard to create more fun projects.  

NASA - STEM Activities

NASA Educational Activities

Explore the NASA educational site for information and activities about a variety of subjects from the planet we call home into the universe.

Make a Rocket

Create a paper rocket launched by a straw.  Modify your design to make it fly farther or set up a target and track your accuracy.

Moon Habitat

Build a moon habitat.  (If you don't want to live on the moon, make it into a puppet theater, castle, or what you want it to be.)

Night Sky

Learn what to look for in the night sky with links to sky maps, spotting the space station, and more.

Design and Engineering projects

Daily LEGO projects

Chose from a variety of building challenges to suit your interests.  Download an activity calendar to track your building prowess.

Rubberband Paddle Boats

A link to one of the many sites with the lifeboat activity from our March 1 graphic novel book launch with author Lauren Tarshis.  


Marble Runs

Make marble runs with common household items like paper towel rolls, cereal boxes, paper plates, craft sticks, marbles, table tennis balls and more.

Bridge Building

Play with different shapes to build bridges and then test them to see how much weight they can bear.  Design tracks for your toy cars.

Science Experiments and Fun

New York Hall of Science

NYSCI has a variety of tutorials for projects for all ages in its Makers section. The museum lives up to its motto of "Design Make Play."

Science Bob Experiments

Explore your world around you with a variety of activities.  This site may appeal to upper elementary students and middle schoolers.  Definitely family fun. 

Science Fun

This site's Kidszone experiments let you manipulate everyday objects with projects for every season of the year.  Great ideas for next year's science fair.

Easy Food Experiments

This site has many easy, classic, food-based experiments to try.  The experiments are rated by age and messiness so parents can be prepared.

Active Play

Crafts & more

Fun craft ideas for the littlest ones through tweens from

In-door Balloon Games

Balloons lend themselves to in-door games.  Try the linked activities and then make up your own games and challenges.

In-door Games

Make a maze with crepe paper, painters tape, string, or yarn; or build a ring toss with a paper plates and a paper towel roll.  Lots of active play ideas from Hello, Wonderful.


Outdoor Camping and Cooking

Cub Scouts delivers many outdoor projects for your child.  Boys, girls, and whole families can learn new camping and cooking skills.

Check back for more activities!  Email your project ideas to