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Legal Resources: Legal Resources in Connecticut

Explore Connecticut's Judicial Services

The Connecticut Judicial Branch offers services to individuals trying to navigate the legal process.  Services below are just several examples of the range of resources available to Connecticut residents.

Court Service Centers  Located at each Judicial District Courthouse, the centers provide resources and assistance to court patrons. Staff provide procedural, docket and case information, notary services, and can also assist with proper completion of court forms.

Referral Services  Legal clinics are manned by volunteer attorneys providing patron assistance in legal matters including Divorce/Custody, Foreclosure and Small Claims.

Top 50 Lawyers in Connecticut Profiles and Reviews of the top 50 Lawyers in the state.

Connecticut Law Library The Law Libraries are dedicated to providing access to quality legal resources and assistance to all Connecticut residents.

UCONN Thomas J Meskill Law Library Provides access to legal materials and reference to the bench, bar and members of the public.  Open evenings, Saturdays & Sundays during the academic year.

Self Representing Litigants Help with the legal system for those who are self representing.

Connecticut Regulations Rules are based on and meant to carry out specific piece of Connecticut legislation.  Regulations are enforced usually by the regulatory agency mandated to do so.

Connecticut Ordinances and Charters by Town Rules are based on and meant to carry out specific piece of local legislation.

The General Statutes of Connecticut (Online Access) The General Statutes of Connecticut are the official codified public acts (as well as special acts that impact the public) of the State of Connecticut. 

Connecticut Law Library Law by Subject Each law subject page is a collection of links to Internet resources that provide information on a specific legal subject.  Pages may include statutes, regulations, court rules and information agency material  Sample topics include: Landlord. Tenant, Divorce, Probate Law and Small Claims. 
UCONN Law Library Resource Guides Covers such topics as Banking, Education, Environment and Space Law.

Connecticut Bar Association List of Pro Bono Organizations

Martindale Hubbell - Attorneys / Law Firms National Listings of Legal professionals and reviews.

Legal Databases

Link to Legal Information Reference Source Database

Legal Information Reference Center  ‚Äč

Law-related articles and indexing for law reviews, legal newspapers and journals.

Link to Nexis Uni Database

Nexis Uni 

Primary source legal material includes law review articles, case law, and regulations.

Legal Publications in the Library

Link to atent, copyright and trademark intellectual property law dictionary in the catalog
Link to Black's Law Dictionary in the Catalog
Link to Represent Yourself in Court in the Catalog
Link to LLC or Corporation in the Catalog
Link to 101 Law Forms for Personal Use in the Catalog
Link to Nolo's Encyclopedia of Everyday Law in the catalog
Link to 8 Ways to Avoid Probate in the Catalog
Link to Get It Together in the catalog
Link to Nolo's Essential Guide to Divorce in the catalog
Link to Building a Parenting Agreement that Works in the catalog
Link to Legal Writing in Plain English by Byran A. Garner in the Catalog
Link to Quickens WillMaker and Trust in the Catalog
Link toEverybody's Guideto Small Claims Court in the Catalog
Link to Contracts in the Catalog
Link to Neighbor Law in the catalog