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Knitting and Crocheting

Understanding the Differences Between Knitting and Crochet

Infographic of Knitting VS. Crochet; link to the Spruce CraftsPeople who are unfamiliar with yarn crafting often confuse knitting and crochet. It's totally understandable that this happens; these crafts share many similarities and common elements. But they also have significant differences. 


  • Both crafts utilize yarn or fiber, and you can make the same sorts of projects such as sweaters, shawls, wraps, blankets, afghans, scarves, hats, mittens, socks, etc. with either technique.
  • Both knitters and crocheters work from patterns and use abbreviations. Some of the abbreviations are even the same.
  • Knitting and crocheting both require similar skill sets: hand-eye coordination, an eye for color and design, an affinity for fiber, the ability to plan a project from start to finish and see it through. Mathematical ability is helpful, although not strictly necessary, for either craft technique.
  • Both knitting and crochet offer a number of amazing health benefits.
  • Above all, both knitters and crocheters need to have the patience necessary to keep working, stitch after stitch after stitch, until a project is completed. Continue reading from The Spruce Crafts


Knitting Books

Link to Japanese Knitting by Michiyo in Hoopla
Link to Fair Isle Basics and Beyond by House of White Birches in Hoopla
Link to The Knit Vibe by Vickie Howell in Hoopla
Link to Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible by Hitomi Shida in the catalog


Crochet Books

Link to Modern Crochet Style by Lindsey Newns in Hoopla
Link to Japanese Wonder Crochet by Nihon Vogue in Hoopla
Link to Kawaii Crochet Garden by Melissa Bradley in Hoopla
Link to Two Simple Shapes= 26 Crocheted Cardigans, Tops & Sweaters by Salena Baca in Hoopla