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Homeschooling in Connecticut

Parents who wish to homeschool their child/ren should contact their local public school's district office for information on local requirements.

It is suggested that homeschooling parents:

  • Complete the Intent to Homeschool form for each child annually and submit it to the Superintendent’s office for signature. A signed copy should be retained in each child’s homeschool folder;
  • Review the Connecticut Core Standards. The Connecticut Core Standards provide parents with clear expectations of what a student should know and be able to do at each grade level. Aligning instruction with these standards and competencies will ensure a smoother transition should the child return to public school;
  • Keep a log of attendance which reflects days and hours of instruction;
  • Maintain a portfolio for each child which contains samples of activities, assignments, projects and assessments, as well as a log of books and materials used. Include results of any national assessments; and
  • Contact potential colleges and universities in order to learn what is required for admission.   (Continue reading from CT Department of Education)
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