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Need a Trim? Resources for Home Haircuts: Home


Some How-To Videos


From Good Morning America

Clipper Cut for Side-Part Style

Home Haircuts Articles


Everything  You Need to Cut Men's Hair at Home, According to Barbers (New York Magazine): Barbers provide insight on the tools needed for a home haircut. 

How to Cut Your Hair at Home Like a Pro (Good Housekeeping): Covers the tools you will need and has instructional videos that cover cuts for various hair lengths and textures.  

How to Cut Your Own Hair (GQ): Ideas and instructions for short hair styles and cuts. 

How to Take Care of Your Hair at Home (New York Times Style Magazine):  Advice from professional stylists on styling and maintaining your hair when you can't get to the salon. 

If this is Your First Haircut at Home Read This First (Elle): Features advice about what to consider before your first home haircut. 

Really Need a Trim during Covid-19? (MindBodyGreen): Tips on the equipment you will need as well as techniques for various hair lengths, textures, and styles. 


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