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What is a Fairy Garden?

Fairy gardens are hugely popular because they connect us with our sometimes long-lost imaginations and allow us to create a whimsical world of our very own. They’re a fun, escapist project—whether or not you have kids! Enter: these best fairy garden ideas.

Essentially, fairy gardens—also called enchanted gardens—are minuscule plots that include live plants, tiny statues, and other accessories such as furniture, fountains, or swings. They’re constructed indoors or out, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create one. You can make one on the cheap from items you already own—it'll be just as adorable as any items bought from a store! Start with a pot or other container you have on hand already. The more creative the better: An old wheelbarrow, a teapot, a dresser drawer, or even a broken terra cotta pot can provide the foundation for your little scene. Add soil or sand, and build your garden using found objects such as pine cones, sticks and stones, or miniature decorative items you've made or purchased at a craft store. Stick with a certain theme, such as the beach or the woodlands—or not! It’s completely up to you, which is part of the enormous charm of these miniature worlds. Continue reading from The Pioneer Woman

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