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Looking for a safe place to gather and chat with friends? Check out some of these resources.

Azoomee is a fun, safe space to play, learn and communicate. Ages 6+

Blinx is a simple way for families to share pictures and stories. Ages, 8+

Franktown Rocks! combines music and social networking in a safe environment. Ages 8-12

Cocoon offers safe social media sharing for close-knit groups and families. Ages 10+

Kidzworld is a well monitored site where kids uphold community standards. Ages 11+

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Need help staying focused and on task? Try one of these cool apps.

BFT-Bear Focus Timer is a simple timer that breaks tasks into chunks without distraction. Ages 5+

KazuTime uses puppies to help users complete tasks and visualize time passing. Ages 5+

Chorepad gets the whole family involved in setting tasks and rewards. Ages 7+

Choiceworks Calendar is an empowering calendar tool that helps eliminate anxiety. Ages 8+

Purp To-Do List & Goal Tracker is a simple goal setting app that helps kids learn accountability. Ages 9+

Bear in Mind uses cool tools that help keep kids on task using alarms and lists. Ages 10+

Flipd offers fun tools for wellness, productivity and tech-life balance. Ages 13+