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Angelline Bouley: WestportREADS 2023

Westport Reads 2023: Angeline boulley author of firekeepers daughter

WestportREADS 2023 Keynote with Angeline Boulley: Thursday, February 16 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EST

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Link to Angeline Boulley's Website.  Image of author with quote: "I hope [readers] find something about Daunis that they have in common with her. I want them to love her and feel for her and be outraged and cheer her on. If they can do that for her, maybe it widens their perspective of if they’ve never read a story with a Native protagonist or if they have preconceived ideas about Indigenous literature or what tribes are like today. I hope that her story, being so personal and in her head, helps convey a more complex, nuanced, realistic view of young Native women today."

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How Angeline Boulley’s own young adulthood inspired Firekeeper’s Daughter...

Plenty of authors have taken their time writing books, but few have a story quite like Angeline Boulley — the powerhouse behind the YA novel that’s set the literary world ablaze. The author first conceived of the idea for Firekeeper’s Daughter as a teenager, but didn’t put pen to paper until she was 44, and another decade would pass before she sold it. By the time Boulley was trying to find a publisher, her book had gone through so many iterations that she feared it no longer fit into a single genre. Boulley needn’t have worried. Her work went for seven figures at a 12-way auction, and after it hit store shelves this March, Firekeeper’s Daughter became an official selection for Reese’s Witherspoon’s YA book club and a New York Times bestseller. Continue reading from Bustle

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