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Alcohol Use Disorders: About

Alcohol Use Disorder

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What is Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a medical condition characterized by an impaired ability to stop or control alcohol use despite adverse social, occupational, or health consequences.  It encompasses the conditions that some people refer to as alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence, alcohol addiction, and the colloquial term, alcoholism.  Considered a brain disorder, AUD can be mild, moderate, or severe.  Lasting changes in the brain caused by alcohol misuse perpetuate AUD and make individuals vulnerable to relapse.  The good news is that no matter how severe the problem may seem, evidence-based treatment with behaviorial therapies, mutual-support groups, and/or medications can help people with AUD achieve and maintain recovery. According to a national survey, 14.1 million adults ages 18 and older1 (5.6 percent of this age group2) had AUD in 2019. Among youth, an estimated 414,000 adolescents ages 12–171 (1.7 percent of this age group2) had AUD during this timeframe. Continue reading from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Help Lines

211 of Connecticut (211 of Connecticut)

Call 2-1-1, 24 hours/7days for treatment information and referrals from Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), or go to the 2-1-1 website for service listings.

SAMSHSA National Helpline (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)
SAMHSA’s National Helpline is a free, confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year treatment referral and information service (in English and Spanish) for individuals and families facing mental and/or substance use disorders

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline (988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline)
The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals in the United States.

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