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Westport Public Art Collections: About WestPAC

What is WestPAC?

Westport Public Art Collections ("WestPAC") are a cultural asset of our town, with over 1,800 works of art in a broad range of media — paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints, illustrations, cartoons, photographs, sculptures and WPA murals — by notable American artists, giants of the international art world and important artists who established their homes and studios in the Westport-Weston community.

The original works of art are displayed throughout Westport's school and town buildings —hallways, libraries, classrooms, lobbies, offices and conference rooms — to create visually stimulating learning and work environments. By observing art first-hand and every day, students, educators, staff and residents can pursue their own path of enjoyment and discovery. (Continue reading from Westport Public Schools)


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About the Westport Arts Advisory Committee

Established in 1994 by the late artist and educator Burt Chernow with founding members Ruth Steinkraus Cohen, Ann Chernow, David Rogers, John Simon and Ann Sheffer, the Westport Arts Advisory Committee (WAAC) is committed to increasing public awareness of the Town's cultural resources, past and present: its artists, artworks and institutions. Appointed by the First Selectman, WAAC advises on the preservation of Westport’s legacy as an arts community, oversight of the Town Art Collection and ways to increase the visibility of the arts in our community. The WestPAC Committee, in cooperation with the Westport Arts Advisory Committee and Friends of WestPac, Inc., works diligently to preserve the works of art for future generations of Westport students and residents. (Continue reading from Westport Arts)

WestPAC Mini Exhibits
Look Familiar? 
If so, you've probably seen them hung up in public buildings around town! Click on a work of art below to learn more about it.

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