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WestportREADS 2022: Willa the Wisp - Nursery and Elementary School

For Nursery and Elementary School Readers!

WestportREADS 2022: Willa the Wisp - Nursery and Elementary School

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Magical Creatures are in Danger. Will Time Run Out Before They are Saved?

Auggie Pound is eight years old and has the greatest job of all time: he cares for all the animals in the Fabled Stables. The Fabled Stables house the rarest creatures in existence -- all of them one-of-a-kind. Auggie's job is to care for these creatures, as well as track down and safely capture endangered magical beasts in the wild. Some mornings, he arrives to find an empty stall with the name of a new creature to rescue. One day, the Stables rearrange themselves out of the blue, creating a new stall. The sign over the gate says, "Wisp." But what is a wisp where is it? All Auggie can see is a moonlit swamp stretching out before him. Then a hungry HOWLLLLLLL rings out in the darkness. It's up to Auggie to go into the swamp to find the wisp before it's too late.  Continue reading from Penguin Random House 

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