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Why Build Your Own Treehouse?

Having your very own treehouse can be a magical thing. It provides a playhouse in the sky for you and your family. But treehouse building is more than just carpentry, it’s an art form. Building a treehouse is also a fairly complicated endeavor. If you want your favorite family hangout spot to be in a tree, you’ll need building tips before you get started. For example, where should you build your treehouse? How will it fit in with your landscaping? Below you’ll find step-by-step instructions to building your dream treehouse:

1. Check local building codes

  • Odds are there will be some local building code or homeowners’ association guideline that dictates the size and location of your future treehouse. Check with any local agencies to make sure you’re allowed to build a treehouse and you’re aware of any restrictions or guidelines to follow. The last thing you want to do is go through all the trouble of building a backyard treehouse only to be told that you have to tear it down.

2. Pick the right tree or trees

  • Once you have the go-ahead to build your DIY treehouse, pick the tree (or trees) that you’ll use. The tree you choose will determine what kind of treehouse you’ll build. For example, your treehouse might be built around a single tree with added supports to hold up the structure, or secured amongst multiple trees.  Whatever tree you choose make sure it is strong, healthy, and capable of supporting your desired treehouse. Just to be safe: Consult an arborist to determine if the trees can do the job of holding and hosting your treehouse. An arborist also will be able to tell you what sort of tree growth you can expect so that you’ll be prepared for how the tree — and your treehouse — might change over time. Continue reading from Lawn Starter

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