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Self-Publishing: Self-Publishing Resources

Self-Publishing Resources


Writer's Digest Annual Self Published Book Awards

Writer’s Digest hosts an annual self-published competition–the Annual Self-Published Book Awards. This self-published competition, co-sponsored by Book Marketing Works, LLC spotlights today’s self-published works and honors self-published authors.

IndieReader Discovery Awards

 With the rush by traditional publishers to sign indies and their noteworthy bestselling status, the IRDA's hosts an extraordinary panel of judges, including top agents, traditional publishers, PR people, bloggers and book reviewers–a virtual who’s who of some of the most important people in publishing today.

Self-Publishing Book Award Competitions - Alliance of Independent Authors

This list represent a range of competitions from ones that are on-going to monthly, annual or bi-annual for a variety of genres and book types. The details of the competitions are many and varied – submission criterion, deadlines, award dates, prizes, entry fees etc. but they all have one thing in common; they are open to self-publishers.


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