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What is SQL?


SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a language used for communication with relational databases. Despite the importance of this role, this is quite a narrow task compared to what Python, Java, C++, etc. are used for. Naturally, there is a long-lasting DEBATE around the question—is SQL a programming language? You cannot create an application or build a webpage with SQL, but it definitely looks like programming when you use SQL to talk to your databases.

To address this controversial issue, I suggest starting with recognizing the differences between several key concepts. We’ll have no problem answering if SQL is a programming language after we define the term “programming language” and have a clear understanding of the differences between general-purpose programming languages and domain-specific programming languages.  (Continue reading from LearnSQL)

SQL Application

SQL is used in health care (cancer registries) business (inventories, trends analysis), and education. It even has applications in the defense industry.  Who works with SQL? Database developers and administrators and business analysts are among the better known users. But knowing at least a little SQL can be an asset for people in a lot of different roles, from the web developer to the PhD level scientist. The most basic task is the query -- you specify "from" to tell the program what table(s) to retrieve data from and give additional clauses like "where" and "having" to narrow down what you want. A more advanced user will design and modify databases.   (Continue reading from Sottware Engineer Insider)

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