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Quilting is a fun hobby that can leave you feeling very satisfied with your efforts. This wonderful hobby does not call for any specific eligibility criteria and can be taken up no matter how old you are. Quilts are often regarded with sentimental value because the person who creates them makes them with great care and love. A lot of attention goes into the choice of color, material and stitch. By taking up quilting as a hobby, you can enjoy the pleasure of gifting it to your loved ones or just make one for yourself. Who knows, as you become proficient at it, it might even become a nice source of income. In many homes, quilts are often cherished because of the memories they carry and are passed on from generation to generation.

Quilting is a process that gets you fully involved and by combining art and skill, you can create a lovely quilt that you can keep for decades to come. It can seem intimidating to think that making a quilt takes substantial time depending on the type you are planning on making. But you can rest assured that all your effort will be fully worth it when you see the fruit of your labor.

Quilting is a craft that has been around since ancient times and is said to have begun some time in the 18th century in America. Quilts were described as coverlets that were made of three layers stitched together to make one layer. The person who makes the quilt is called the quilter. Nowadays, quilting is quite popular as many people earn a substantial income from this creative art. While quilts were made for utility in early times, today, they are widely used to bring a decorative touch with the variety of designs and types of quilts. People who enjoy embroidering and needlework also enjoy quilting. Continue reading from Discover A Hobby

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