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Olympics: Pyeongchang Olympics 2018

2018 Winter Olympics


February 9-February 25


Pyeongchang, South Korea


Click here to meet the athletes.

Meet Team USA athletes here.

Meet the Pyeongchang 2018 Mascots!

        Soohorang and Bandabi

Athletes to watch at the 2018 Pyoengchang Winter Olympics

Some are stars already. Some are stars in the making. All will hope to make their mark when the world turns its eyes to South Korea in February 2018. Here's some names to keep an eye on in all 15 sports ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Click here for full article.


Spotlight on South Korea

Capital City: Seoul

Official Language: Korean

Population: 51,446,201 (2017 estimate)

Government: Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic

President: Moon Jae-In