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Niki Ketchman: About

Niki Ketchman

Westport resident sculptor, photographer and multimedia artist


Niki Ketchman: Artist Statement

The methods by which I make sculptures include welding, sewing, weaving, braiding, winding, draping and decorating. Ideas about what comprises "women's work" and questions of where Art, function, craft and design intersect are on my mind. Because of my method of creation, does that make my work feminine or feminist? Many of my sculptures are composed of a combination of industrial and domestic materials. Others are all soft. Some are appropriate for outdoor use, some for indoor use only and some can be used either indoors or out. Most recently I have been incorporating ink jet prints into the surfaces of my sculptures. I often work on a series of pieces that have the same theme such as my Rose Series and my Sculpture for Home Use.

Although sometimes humorous, my sculptures, digital prints, drawings and collages make allusions to such issues as the passage of time, the digital age or gender roles. When creating my Resination series, however, I am simply experimenting with materials and visual and actual space. For me, new ideas often emerge from experimentation.

The boundaries between sculptures, toys and furniture are sometimes blurred. Many of my sculptures are interactive, but not necessarily functional in a traditional sense. Some of the sculptures can be sat on, leaned against, walked through or walked into. In this way the visitor experiences the work physically as well as visually. Continue reading from Niki Ketchman Official

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