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Building Your First Model Railroad

About Model Railroads

Model railroading is a hobby that involves a variety of components, and it is suitable for people of all ages. People can pursue this hobby in ways that fit their innate interests and skills. Delving into model railroading can be an enjoyable way to learn about history. Enthusiasts can also learn useful construction and carpentry skills in the process of building the benchwork and track layout. Even artistic and electrical skills will come into play in the process of designing and building a model railroad.

Scale and gauge are among the first considerations for someone just beginning to dabble in model railroading. The term “scale” describes the measurement ratio between a model locomotive and the full-sized locomotive. The term “gauge” describes the distance between the track rails. Scale and gauge correspond directly with each other. HO is one scale and gauge size often used by hobbyists. This size is large enough to show intricate details, yet it is small enough to enable layout and construction in the home. N is another option for home enthusiasts, and this scale and gauge is smaller than HO. Someone with limited space for a layout might opt for N scale and gauge. Continue reading from Coachella Valley Model Railroaders

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