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Healing Stones: About Healing Crystals

Healing Stones

A History of Crystals and Healing

The use of healing crystals and gemstones is a practice that spans many centuries, religions, and continents. Found in historical tomes and religious texts around the world, the history of crystals and healing is lengthy and complex. Many beliefs held by certain religious groups or during specific historical eras were later incorporated into other spiritual systems. As you’ll see, many of these philosophies regarding healing stones and crystals still stand to this day.

The history of crystals and healing dates back several millennia and is thought to begin as early as 4000 BCE. Some of the earliest documentation of using crystals and gemstones as healing elements dates back to the ancient Sumerians in Mesopotamia. Using softer crystals, such as gypsum and hematite, ancient Sumerians created cylinder seals that could be inscribed with images and phrases in cuneiform. These seals often featured carved depictions of one’s station in life, important events such as birth and marriage, and religious ceremonies. Because gypsum and hematite were thought to have protective properties, these cylinders were often placed in temples and used during spiritual ceremonies. Continue reading from Cosmic Cuts


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