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Gravestones of New England: Research

Gravestones of New England

What’s a Taphophile? A Love of Cemeteries Explained

A taphophile by definition is someone who is interested in cemeteries, gravestones, and the art and history that goes along with them. Some taphophiles are also interested in funerals and funerary traditions over the years. Taphophiles are not ghoulish folks with death obsessions. In fact, they can be quite the opposite. Taphophiles want to know about the people buried in our cemeteries. They want to learn about the history of individuals, ancestors, and even the community. Someone may be drawn to cemeteries while searching for relatives’ graves or simply trying to find a grave in a cemetery. A photographer may realize they’re full of possibilities. Each taphophile has their own reasons. Continue reading from Cake

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