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Comic Book Collecting: For Beginners

Comic Book Collecting

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Comic Collecting is a Quest with No End, and That's What Makes it Awesome

In the wonderfully weird comic art collecting world, art fiends like myself refer to the page of art that we treasure the most as "the Holy Grail." That's the panel page, splash, or cover we'll supposedly mortgage our home and auction off a kidney for to add to our collection.

How you define what a Grail is depends on the type of collector you are and by how much you're willing (and able) to spend to acquire it. Sometimes, you have to adjust your definition of a Holy Grail because it lives in a zip code you can't afford. I'm a huge John Byrne fan, as anyone familiar with Behind the Panel knows. And a Byrne X-Men page inked by Terry Austin would be an ultimate collecting goal... except those pages are now way out of my price range. Continue reading from SyFy Wire

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