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3D Modeling

Getting Started with Blender

About 3D Modeling

From architecture or sciences to mechanical engineering, fashion or the medical industry, all industries are now seeing the full potential of 3D modeling and making the most of it. 3D modeling can actually be helpful in a lot of different ways.

It’s an essential tool for animation, either for movies or video games, 3D modeling software allows you to create everything from character to landscape, with light effects, textures and more.

But 3D modeling can also be used for rendering, or simulation, which could represent a strong asset for your business. Engineers and architects use it to plan and design their work. Photo-realistic renders will be perfect for real-estate purposes. Indeed, it will be the perfect way to show a project to a potential client. For more technical applications, simulation will allow testing technical parts without having to manufacture them. Some software is so powerful that it can predict how you will react under some precise circumstances. 

Last and not least, 3D modeling is now part of manufacturing processes, especially with the growing use of additive manufacturing. Indeed, 3D printing requires the use of an STL file. From rapid prototyping to production, these 3D programs will take your production processes to the next level by saving time and money, while optimizing your products and processes. Continue reading from Sculpteo

Modeling with Blender

Blender is a free and open-source 3D creation suite that supports pretty much every aspect of 3D development. With a strong foundation of modeling capabilities, there’s also robust texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, and a host of other tools for complete 3D creation. This software is great whether you want to deal only with static models or get into the world of animation.

As a bit of background, Blender software was developed out of the Blender Foundation, a nonprofit organization formed in 2002. In 2007, the spin-off Blender Institute was created and now hosts the foundation, which has become a home base for continued development and creative projects.

Even though it’s free, Blender is accessible and valuable for a wide range of users, from the beginner hobbyist to the professional animator. Even NASA uses it for many of its public models! Since it’s continually being refined by advanced users, it may present a bit of a learning curve for the total amateur.

At the heart of it, Blender remains all about access: Giving people creative power so that they can build whatever is in their imagination. For those who are wanting to make their own models for 3D printing, it’s an invaluable tool! Continue reading from ALL3DP

Check out a book on 3D modeling

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Link to Parametric modeling with Autodesk Fusion 360 by Randy Shih in the catalog
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