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2023 Summer Reading Challenge Instructions: June 1 - August 31

The Westport Library Summer Reading Challenge 2023

Need help with a challenge? Fill out this form and a librarian will find the perfect books for you based on your preferences!

Come read with us: June 1 - August 31

Heyo, Readers!  It is SUMMER READING CHALLENGE time!  Cue the music and the fireworks for year 7!

If you have participated in the past, welcome back-- the rules are all the same.  If this is your first time joining us, we're thrilled to have you, and we've got a fresh round of 25 great categories to keep you busy this summer. You can do all of them or only one, or anything in between, just as long as you have fun reading!  Challenge yourself; we dare you!

The rules are simple and there are only two: 

  1. Categories may only be fulfilled once,
  2. Each book can only be used for one category. 

Once you have read a book that fulfills a category, you can submit it via the form on our website and keep track of your progress on our leaderboard.

The leaderboard is an awesome place to see what everyone else is reading, and give recommendations to our community of readers.  You can also join our Westport Reading Challenge Facebook Group and talk books all summer long.

Why should you join the challenge? 

Because, according to our past participants, it is AWESOME! 

"It was really gratifying to see what everyone has read and to challenge myself to read as much as my friends!"

"I liked doing the summer reading challenge; it pushed me to read books outside of my go-to areas."

"I love the Westport Library! I also love these adult challenges. I cannot wait for another one!"
"I look to see what is suggested by the library as well as what other participants are reading. I am continuing to read the authors I have discovered as a result."
"I love the effort that you put in to the summer reading experience."

"This challenge was very impressive! I loved that you could see other people's suggestions."

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