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WestportREADS 2018: Listen to the Moon

Listen to the Moon
​Alfie lives off the coast of England. Merry lives in New York City. Merry and her mother set sail on the Lusitania from New York to England, where Merry's father is recuperating from a war injury. People told them not to go, hearing rumors that the Lusitania might be carrying munitions. But they are desperate to be reunited with Merry's father.  Days after the ship's sinking, Alfie and his father find a lost girl in an abandoned house on a small island off the English coast. The girl doesn't speak, except to say what sounds like "Lucy." Alfie's mother nurses her back to health. The others in the village suspect the unthinkable: Lucy is actually German—an enemy—because she's found with a blanket with a German tag. Told from Alfie and Merry's points of view, this exquisite novel tells of friends, enemies, and unexpected kindnesses.  Learn more....

Author Interviews

Michael Morpurgo interview discussing Listen to the Moon. 

Read how the Lusitania sinking inspired Michael Morpurgo to write Listen to the Moon


Book Reviews

"Offers powerful descriptions of shipwreck, mass drowning, and devastation, as well as healing and growth.” Publisher's Weekly

"This is a superbly written, gripping novel of friendship, family, healing, and war that is primarily geared toward middle school readers but will appeal to adults as well."  School Library Journal

"He writes brilliantly about war and animals, conveying the big emotions without preaching.” Guardian

Michael Morpurgo
​Michael Morpurgo, a Member of the Order of the British Empire, is the author of over 100 children's books, including An Elephant in the Garden and Shadow. His bestseller, War Horse, debuted on Broadway in 2011, and is now a film by Steven Spielberg. Morpurgo has a gift for magical storytelling, and his books also often tackle social issues. Morpurgo firmly believes that 'literature comes before literacy' and wants all children '... to discover and rediscover the secret pleasure that is reading, and to begin to find their voice in their own writing.  Read more...

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