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StoryWalks 2020: Welcome to StoryWalk Central!



The Great Paper Caper,
by Oliver Jeffers

is at
Lillian Wadsworth Arboretum
2 Woodside Lane, Westport, CT 06880

undefinedWhat is StoryWalk® ?

StoryWalk® is an innovative and delightful way for children — and adults! — to enjoy reading and the outdoors at the same time. Laminated pages from a children's book are attached to wooden stakes, which are installed along an outdoor path. As you stroll down the trail, you're directed to the next page in the story.

StoryWalks® have been installed in 50 states and 12 countries including, Germany, Canada, England, Bermuda, Russia, Malaysia, Pakistan and South Korea! They are always received with appreciation.  StoryWalk® is trademarked by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT.  Learn more here.

This summer, thanks to community support from some devoted stewards of the land, we have three simultaneous StoryWalks - that we know of! - in our community.  Thanks to volunteers Julian (age 7) and his mom Allegra for the Library Riverwalk; thanks to Tree Board members Dick and Monica for our second year of partnering at Lillian Wadsworth Arboretum; thanks to Earthplace for hosting us again (and shout out to Sammy for help with installation); a special thank you to Debbie at Westport Parks & Recreation for making everything so easy!!!