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Letterboxing at Westport Library: for Kids!

Letterboxing is a worldwide hobby that kids can practice right here in Westport

Letterboxing at Westport Library

Letterboxing @ The Westport Library...

What is Letterboxing?

"Letterboxing is an intriguing mix of puzzle solving, treasure hunting and rubber stamp artistry, topped off with the thrill of discovery."
The Letterboxer's Companion, by Randy Hall


Looking for a Letterbox is like going on a quest.  A Letterbox hunter first chooses or creates a rubbber stamp and then follows clues to find hidden Letterboxes.  Letterboxes all have notebooks inside for hunters to make stamp marks and to write a message. This is a great activity for traveling families!  To find directions for hidden Letterboxes all over the world visit

Thanks to Girl Scout Troop #50192 (and their leaders!) for introducing us to this fun and educational hobby.

Getting Started

If you are new to Letterboxing, visit the Children's Library to get started

1. Choose a Rubber Stamp
(the Children’s Library is giving them away – yours to keep!)

2. Choose a Log Book (also yours to keep!)

3.  Search for letterboxes all over the world at

4. Found a Letterbox? Open it!

5. Stamp your Log Book with the Rubber Stamp that lives inside the Letterbox.

6. Stamp the Letterbox Log Book with your own rubber stamp – write the date and your name (maybe a cool, fake name that you have invented for yourself!)

7. DONE!!!
Put everything back in the Letterbox and hide it again in the same spot where you found it.

Was that fun?

Indoor Library Letterboxes

The Westport Library houses two indoor Letterboxes
(courtesy of Girl Scout Troop #50192)

Here are some clues to help you on your quest:

1. Start at The Westport Library, located at 20 Jesup Road in Westport, CT.

2.  Find the Children's Library
(location inside the Library will vary in 2018 - 2019 as the Library undergoes renovation)

3.  The Butterflies Letterbox is shelved with children's books about butterflies.
Find a green binder with a spine label that reads:
Troop #50192

4.  The Fairytales Letterbox is shelved in the folklore section of the Children's Library.
Find a green binder with a spine label that reads:
Troop #50192

Outdoor Library Letterbox

Is it summertime? 

There may be a Letterbox hidden outside the Library!
(HINT: It’s outside the Library)

Children's Librarian