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Imagine your Summer 2020: Home


Welcome to the 2020 Westport Library Summer Program!

This year we invite you to READ! DO! and GO!

READ! DO! GO! is for all ages and is designed to encourage life-long healthy habits. Your daily mission is to READ something, DO something, or GO somewhere. And that's it!

Here's how it works:

READ something: Books, magazines, comics, the cereal box, etc...all count as reading. If it has words, you are reading! Check out some reading lists and ideas on our READ! tab above.

DO something: Make a craft, take a walk, exercise, swim, play a game, clean your room, etc...all count as doing. If you are moving around you are doing! Check out some more things to do on our DO tab above.

GO somewhere: Go to a play, museum, the zoo, the beach, grandmas, etc...everywhere counts, both virtual and live. As long as you are somewhere else you are going! Check out some places you can go to on our GO tab above.

Keep track of your READING, DOING and GOING with this printable LOG

Print this fun READ! DO! GO! BINGO card and see if you can fill up all of the squares.

The first 250 people to complete a mission AND request books for curbside service will get a limited edition 2020 READ! DO! GO! bag!
What did you READ today? What did you DO today? Where did you GO today? Don't forget to log your missions in READsquared below and earn your digital badges.




Westport Library's Summer Reading Program is sponsored by WYWL