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Espresso Book Machine: Print on Demand

New to Westport Library...the Espresso Book Machine!


What is an Espresso Book Machine?

The patented Espresso Book Machine® (EBM) makes a paperback book in minutes, at point of need. Through its EspressNet® digital catalog of content, books can be ordered online or onsite at bookstores, libraries, and non-bookstore retailers. Over seven million in-copyright and public-domain titles are available on the network. The technology is also ideal for self and custom publishing. Learn more...


Printing is by appointment only. Email to get started. Click here for pricing.

The History of Bookbinding

Prior to the first century A.D., documents were commonly kept on clay tablets, or long rolls or papyrus or cloth. During the first century, religious codices printed on sheepskin vellum began appearing in bound volumes that marked the beginning of the bookbinding approach that is still used today. For the next 1400 years, the art of bookbinding in the west was primarily practiced by the monks of various religious orders. Entire libraries were copied and recopied by these monks.

With the advent of Gutenberg’s printing press in 1447, the demand for binding led to more automated binding systems, although, by modern standards, these methods would hardly qualify as automated at all. Binding was still very much a craft, with each book constructed by hand. Nonetheless, the development of the printing press took the book out of the monastery and into the streets. Read more...