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Virtual Dating: Love in the Age of Social Distancing


How COVID-19 Is Changing Dating Apps and Relationships

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 is disrupting nearly every aspect of human civilization, from grocery shopping to Eurovision. But one place the impact of social distancing is being felt strongest is online dating. What was previously a frictionless, low-commitment experience has been forced to rapidly adapt to a world in which “hooking up” is no longer a possibility.

The evolution of online dating has been a brisk one, from early matchmaking services in the 1990s to the swipe-based apps of today, where singles can speedily browse through their extended social networks and tag potential matches with the greatest of ease. For better or worse, this interaction flow has changed how a generation of singles meet their mates. 

While the user flow of a dating app is typically targeted to culminate in a real-world interaction, the CDC’s guidelines requesting people in many areas to quarantine in place and remain six feet apart while in public put the kibosh on that. Kissing is generally considered by the World Health Organization as the most efficient way to spread the disease, so that’s right out.

For weeks, if not months, singles simply aren’t going to be able to seal the deal with a real-life meeting. So how do dating apps survive in an age of social distancing? (Continue Reading from PCMag)

"Meet" Awesome People to Date


Where to "Go" on Your Virtual Date


Virtual Date Tips & Ideas

Practicing social distancing doesn't mean you have to put your dating life on hold. If you just started getting to know someone, or never got to schedule that first date, there's still hope. There are still plenty of ways to strike up a romance with someone — it just requires some creativity. Fortunately, during this era of self-isolation and quarantine, we are able to stay more connected than ever through tech. Whether it's a post on social media, a text message, or a video chat, we can keep in touch with the people we care about the most (or hope to further connect with), even if they're miles away. (Continue Reading from Business Insider)

Online Dating in the Age of COVID-19 May Just Bring Back Romance

I don’t know about you, but the idea of falling in love or establishing a connection through the written word—even if it’s not so much handwritten letters as texts on What’s App—sounds pretty damn romantic to me. I experienced this a few weeks ago before quarantine and guess what? We’re no longer talking, because, turns out, we have different views on voting. Which I discovered via text! I saved myself putting on pants, getting in my car, and driving to a place to meet a total stranger.

Slow down, get to know someone, ask them questions, and discover who they are. Fire up the dating apps, play twenty questions with your crush, plan a virtual happy hour or FaceTime while disinfecting your homes together. Or if you’re currently dating someone at a responsible social distance, set aside time for text or phone conversations to keep the spark alive. You’d be surprised at how close you can get to a person this way, and how much chemistry can build over time—Austen-style. (Continue Reading from Glamour)