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Cookbook Club: Home

Mark your calendar! 
Monday, February 5, 2017 @ 7:00.

Food  Blogger Yamini Lai, aka Fairfield County Foodie

Where:  Wakemake Town Farm
Park on Wakeman Farm Drive.  Enter near the Red Towers.
Community Partner: Wakeman Town Farm  

Sneak preview on Indian Cooking.

If you love food and exploring the world by eating, join others who do too. This month, Yamini Lal (aka Fairfield County Foodie) will share her love for regional Indian cuisine. Bring your appetite to learn and get ready to discuss cooking!

A die-hard foodie and an Indian by origin, Yamini Lal loves world cuisine, bold flavors, cooking at home... and traveling just to have food experiences. Her blog’s mission is to celebrate great food, chefs and restaurants in Fairfield county CT and beyond. “There are too many people posting negative comments and reviews on the internet. My goal is to find delicious bites and exciting dining adventures to share with my readers, so they too can have that experience and that thrill,” said Lal.

Yamini has received high accolades for her blog since she launched it in July 2011 Serendipity  magazine named her a Best Local Blogger (Fairfield and Westchester counties) in Dec 2013. WAG magazine has written feature articles on her in their July 2016 & July 2017 food issues. Yamini actively contributes to and has written food articles for as their food and wine expert in 2013.

Yamini’s all-time, top 5 favorite dishes are mutton biryani (Indian), pho (Vietnamese), a hearty bowl of ramen (Japanese), paella (Spanish) and any assortment of meats and lentils on Injera bread (Ethiopian).

Westport Library staff's favorite recipes and cookbooks!

An all time favorite, especially at holidays, is Mushrooms Stuffed with Walnuts and Cheese.  This was the first cookbook I ever bought!  -- Sharon (Patron Expereince)

One of my favorites!  I don't know how to choose.  But the Pie Crust recipe was where I started. -- Karen (Materials Management)

Try the Blueberry Muffin recipe - its was sooo good.   -- Carolyn (Reference)   (Also available in electronic format via ICloud library)

You can't beat this 1937 Oatmeal cookie recipe.   Its so soft and spicy! -- Maragret   (MakerSpace)

Stuffed Zucchini -- Jennifer Keller (Programming)

French Potato Salad  This is a simple but elegant salad for summer and beyond.  -- Cathy P (Children's)

Lima Bean Dip .... Light, bright and healthy!  - Julie (Patron Experience)

Standing Beef Rib Roast with Yorkshire Pudding
Made this 30 years ago to wow my in-laws and it did! - Kathleen (Patron Experience)

Try the Spinach and Matzoh Pie... It's always fun to find a new way to use Matzoh.  -- Melanie (Reference)

Puerto Rican Sofrito -- the basic seasoning for all dishes. -- Zsasha (Tech Support)

Purple Cabbage Salad -- I love it!  Margie (Reference)

The Eclair Cake recipe looks really good...  Liz (Reference)

New Cookbooks in the Library collection