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Cutting the Cord: Start Streaming

Anyone can Cut the Cord...

What is Cutting the Cord?

Cord cutting refers to the process of cutting expensive cable connections in order to change to a low-cost TV channel subscription through over-the-air (OTA) free broadcast through antenna, or over-the-top (OTT) broadcast over the Internet. Netflix, Apple TV and Hulu are some of the popular broadcasting services that encourage cord cutting.  Continue reading from Techopedia

Common Streaming Services

Link to Netflix Website
Link to YouTube Website
Link to Hulu Website
Link to Prime Video Website
Link to Apple TV Website
Link to Goggle Play Website
Link to HBO Go Website
Link to SHOWTIME Anytime Website
Link to Sling Television Website
Link to Hoopla Website

Streaming Devices

Below are some of the more common streaming devices. Click on any of these logos to access information pages for these services.

Link to XBOX Entertainment Website
Link to ROKU Website
Link to Amazon FireTV Website
Link to Chromecast Website
Link to NVIDIA Shield Website

Video Tutorials

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