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Whittling vs Wood Carving: Which Hobby is Best for You?

The renowned artist and sculptor Michelangelo is well known for saying that every block has a statue inside of it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it. He described the process of carving angels as “setting them free” from the material that they were trapped inside. While Michelangelo was referring primarily to carving stone, the same sentiment can be applied to whittling and wood carving. Each block of wood contains an endless number of possibilities. It is up to you to decide which one of those possibilities will emerge from that material as a work of art. When you choose a creative vision and set it free from the wood which imprisons it, well… anyone who gets a taste of such a primal creative force will be hooked for life!

What is the difference between whittling and wood carving? This is a very common question. The two are very closely related. The general view is that whittling is the act of carving wood while using only a straight edge knife while wood carving involves using a wider assortment of tools to reach the desired outcome. Again, in its simplest form, whittling can be as little as carving a piece of wood with nothing more than a knife. There are many purists out there who would only ever consider using a folding pocket-knife to accomplish their task, others use gauges, sand paper and fixed blade knives as well when at home. All you need to get started, however, is a piece of wood, and sharp knife. Continue reading from Made From Wood

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