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Home Brewing: Beer and Wine

Home Brewing

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Modern Home Brewing

Home brewing was legalized in Great Britain in 1963. Manufacturers there took an interest and produced state-of-the-art home brewing ingredients, kits, and malt extracts....

These events fueled an already growing resurgence in American home brewing that began before California senator Alan Cranston introduced legislation to legalize it in 1978. Home brewers were making beer again because domestic beer lacked the rich, malty taste they liked.  They also shared a creative desire to brew a beer to their own personal taste.  Congress passed Cranston's bill to repeal federal restrictions on home brewing, and President Carter signed it into law in February 1979....

In Boulder, Colorado, Charlie Papazian began brewing and teaching classes in home brewing in the early 1970s. His first book, The Joy of Brewing was written in 1976, in 1978, he formed the American Homebrewer's Association and began publishing Zymurgy magazine. Continue reading from

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