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WestportREADS 2019: Kiki and Jacques

Kiki and Jacques by Susan Ross

Eleven-year-old Jacques, who must contend with difficult family dynamics and pressure from an older boy to help him commit a crime, is surprised to discover that he has much in common with Kiki, one of the many new Somali refugees who have immigrated to his Maine town. More...

About the Author

Susan Ross grew up in Lewiston-Auburn, Maine, and divides her time between Connecticut and Maine. She attended Brown University and NYU School of Law.

After practicing law, Susan taught legal writing in Brooklyn and in Budapest, and creative writing to kids and adults in Connecticut. She volunteered for many years in her three children’s elementary school classes and assisted with weekly writing workshops at their international school in London. Susan loves hanging out in a classroom and teaching kids about writing and literature!

Kiki and Jacques was inspired by the large influx of New Mainers from Somalia to Susan’s hometown in Maine. Searching for Lottie was inspired by stories from members of Susan's family, whose lives were forever changed by the Holocaust.

Currently, Susan lives with her husband in Connecticut. She teaches writing at Westport Writers Workshop and is a trustee at the Westport library. More...

Companion Books

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