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Hispanic Heritage Month: For Kids!

Hispanic Heritage Month for kids

Learn About Hispanic Heritage Month




Playing Loteria is Part of Mexican Culture

The Mexican lotería is a popular board game in the country. Winning depends on luck. Lotería is similar to the American bingo, but it has characters and objects instead of numbers. Over time, the cards have become symbols of Mexican identity.  “It is still common for neighbors to invite you to play lotería. We all have our own game, our cards,” said Cristina Rebolledo Velazco, a housewife living in Veracruz, Mexico.  Each player receives a board with a 16-image grid and the game leader keeps a 54-card deck. The images in the cards match those of the board.  Continue reading from Mississippi Link

Create a Loteria Game

You can celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by playing Loteria!  First, you can make your own by printing the two different kinds of cards you need:

  1. Each player (except for the caller) gets one of these cards.  Print them on letter-size paper.
  2. The caller gets a set of these smaller cards.  Print them on letter-size paper and cut them out so that each image is separate.  The caller will shuffle these and flip through them one at a time to call out the names of the pictures for the players.

Watch the video above to see a Loterian game in action!

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