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Westport Writes: Home

Think global, read local!  The Westport Library is proud to host the books of its local talent and we celebrate the authors currently live and write here in Westport. Click on the links below to see their books in our catalog, or on the pictures above to find out more about our local authors. 

 Larry Aasen     Prill Boyle     Eric Burns     Miggs Burroughs       Joseph Califano     Fred Cantor     Elaine Clayton      Frank Deford     Leonard Everett Fisher     Ramin Ganeshram     Rozanne Gates     Sal Gilbertie     Jane Green     Mike Greenberg     Tommy Greenwald     Daniel Gross     Christopher Hart     A E Hotchner     Deirdre Imus     Alan Katz     Sheryl Kayne     Woody Klein           Robert Levine     Nick Mancini     Mary Mckay Maynard     Clement C Onyemelukwe     Christine Pakkala     Penny Pearlman     David Pogue     Charlotte Rogan     Susan Ross     Nina Sankovitch        Cathleen Schine    Jeff Seaver     Victoria Sherrow     Janis Abrahms Spring     Catherine Ann Stone     Cameron Stracher     Lauren Tarshis     Nechama Tec      Mary-Lou Weisman     David Wiltse     Dan Woog

  If you are an author who currently lives in Westport and would like to be featured on this page as a local author, let us know!  Send us a photo and a link to your website!  

Library Guidelines for Self Published Authors.